Arola Reading Response

Through this reading response I learned the different modes of communications and how they function and how to apply them to any form of media I come across digitally or out in public. Learning about the schematics of the material that is on the golden record was an interesting experience and connecting the golden record to Arola’s guide to multimodal communication gave me a different way to approach the analysation of the vinyl and gave me a new form of appreciation towards the process behind the creation of the golden record. Also through the passage I learned a lot of interesting information about message NASA is attempting to portray about the planet earth and the various life forms that inhabit the planet. I learned that it was somewhat easy to give proper credit to the respected creator for some of the aural communication used on the golden record and also that is was very difficult to give proper credit to the more obscure aural forms of communication that either originates from indigenous people or there isn’t a definite origin of the sound. Listening to the audio sample from the record is phenomenal and made go deep into thinking about how unique the Earth is and wondering if there is anyone or anything out there that is as complex as the planet earth.

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