Community Interaction

Broadway HIV/AIDS Community Interaction

To raise awareness of HIV/AIDS among theatregoers and represent the community within Broadway fans who have HIV/AIDS, Broadway Cares is a nonprofit organisation created in 1988 to help the cause by providing medication, meals, and financial assistance to families affected by HIV/AIDS across the United States. Broadway Cares is also one of the many nonprofit organisations contributing donations to finding a cure to HIV/AIDS. I found organisations like this heartwarming, because there are actually people out there looking to help others and end sorrow to millions across the Broadway community, the country, and around the world.


In conclusion, learning about the community of Broadway and the neighbourhood of Hollywood in Los Angeles, the ways I’ve learned to connect HIV/AIDS to the arts industry is from the theatre community’s efforts to represent the victims of HIV/AIDS and raise awareness to describing the style of life in the home of the world’s entertainment Hollywood.

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