General Outline

Broadway and Hollywood, which are big names in the theatre industry, had members within their community who were victims of HIV/AIDS and the theatre industry itself played a role in representing the victims of HIV/AIDS to the masses. What is Broadway? What is Hollywood? What was the demographic of the theatre communities? What was the demographic of those who were […]

Shadda Nasralla Reading

Nasralla introduces her argument by just stating fact about the ranking of Orange County in terms of availability to affordable housing in the entire country. Also providing statistics about the population of Orange County that is effected by the lack of affordable housing in Orange County.

Bibliographic Entry

Tift, M. C. (2007).┬áMUSICAL AIDS: MUSIC, MUSICIANS, AND THE CULTURAL CONSTRUCTION OF HIV/AIDS IN THE UNITED STATES(Unpublished doctoral dissertation). University of Wisconsin. doi: Matthew Tift is a student at the University of Wisconsin in Madison speaking about HIV/AIDS culturally in the US within the social circles and communities of the arts like music and theatre.  

HIV/AIDS in US Military Review

The introduction of the text gives depth to what HIV/AIDS has to do with the US military and what the stigma around HIV/AIDS politically within the military. Also does a good job at introducing what will be discussed throughout the text without giving too much information. What could’ve been done better is to also explain how men who contracted HIV/AIDS […]

Arola Reading Response

Through this reading response I learned the different modes of communications and how they function and how to apply them to any form of media I come across digitally or out in public. Learning about the schematics of the material that is on the golden record was an interesting experience and connecting the golden record to Arola’s guide to multimodal […]

Haltman Paraphrase Reflection

Culture tends to be expressed through physical objects, and those physical object possess a message that gives off a general idea of what culture that object originates and what message the object conveys about the culture. This activity was initially challenging because I was confused as to what was being asked of me when I was given the objective to […]